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 *** 22 Iowans Were Killed in the Final Hours of World War I.  11th hour, 11th day, 11th month, 1918 and the ceasefire. Celebrations broke out in London, Paris and New York, but the 6 hour gap left Allied commanders in a quandary.  Should they continue fighting and risk more lives until 11am or hunker down and protect as many of their troops as possible.  According to the Army Times, US Gen John J. Pershing allowed the fighting to go forward, even though he knew the armistice had been signed.  The decision cost more than 10,000 lives, including 22 Iowans and more than 3,000 other Americans.  He testified one year later before a congressional committee that they did not know for sure if the armistice was a sincere desire or simply proposed by the German High Command to gain time.




BID for EDUCATION FUNDRAISER was held November 7.  Fun evening with good food, conversation and laughs plus almost $2,000 raised for Kirkwood scholarships!  Special guest attending was Reid Zehrbach!  BIG thank you to Betty & Cliff Ehlinger and LizDurham.  Thanks also to James Nelson for covering the space's rental cost.



  • YES, we are back at AAMI for our noon meeting Wednesday, November 13
  • YES, don't forget to bring a guest - someone may win a prize
  • YES, we will be celebrating November birthdays with a treat
  • YES, we are having a great speaker - PETER TEAHEN, His Planned Flight Around the World


 See you there! 



Penny Olson

President - Cedar Rapids West Rotary 


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