Listed below are the members of Cedar Rapids West Rotary:


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Member Name   Classification
Mark Bornemann   
Steve Bowman    Real Estate - Residential
Lijun Chadima    Real Estate Management
Jim Coller    Financial Coach
Liz Durham    Events Coordinator
Bernard Dutchik    Imon Communications
Betty Ehlinger    Education: Media Consulting
Janette Fiedler    Payroll Services
TJ Filip    Banking - Hills Bank
Doug Flugum    Technology Consulting
Dennis Green    Radio - Broadcasting
Teressa Hackenmiller    Financial Associate - Thrivent
Bruce Hamous    Architect
Todd Happel, PE    Engineer - Surveyor
Jamie Jonas    Commercial Banking
Jeff Kaiden    Trust - Investment Mgmt
Nick Kilburg    Attorney
Robert Kingus    Optometrist
Chuck Kudej   
Kim Kudej    Justice Department
Larry Kudej    Retired - Attorney
Dave Kutter    Avionics
Betsy Kutter    Retired - Journalism
Bill Lamb    Education - Community College
Kirk Leiffert    Banking - Commercial
Dave Mally    Accounting CPA
Amy March    Non-profit - Women's services
Rhonda McCombs    Banking Investments
Stacy McCusker   
Rochelle Naylor    Cedar Rapids Symphony
John Negro    Contractor - Electrical
James Nelson, Jr    Carpeting - Retail
Dana Nichols    Commercial Lending
Penelope Olson    Real Estate Development
Wayne Powers    Home Inspector
Jane Schlegel    Account Executive - TV
Mary Schneekloth    Financial Representative
Jerry Springston    Religion
Nate Stoll    Financial Services
Peter Teahen    Funeral Director
Matt Teply    Banking - Operations
Tom VanderVaart    Office Design
Brian Watters    Manufacturing - Hydraulic
Dan Wiese    Marketing - Research
Mike Wiethorn    Rockwell Collins
Darby Winger    Construction Marketing
John Zakrasek    Consultant
viewing 1 to 47 of 47                                           >> Next 20 >>
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