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Newsletter - Current Jun 17, 2018
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This past week:

Becky Herman is a social studies teacher and owner of the business Iowa Cricket Farmer. Becky provided a very entertaining, interesting and informative program about her cricket farm business.  It was the first and only licensed insect farm in Iowa, located in Keystone, IA in Benton County.  It was one of the first five (5) in the whole US.  Becky and her husband launched the business at the end of 2015.  As of January 2018 there are now over 30 insect farms in the US.  Why are crickets important to the world population and why did they start the business?  The answer is water and the environmental impact. By the year 2030 there will be 40% less water available.  Currently 70% of water is used for traditional livestock.  Crickets use 1/25 of the space of traditional livestock.  It takes 2000-2500 gallons of water to raise one (1) pound of beef but only 1 to 2 gallons of water to raise one (1) pound of cricket powder.  It takes 10 weeks to raise one pound of cricket powder compared to 18 months to raise one pound of beef.  For 100 pounds of feed you get 60 lbs. of editable protein from crickets, vs 30 lbs. of chicken, 15 lbs. of pork or 5 lbs. from beef.  Crickets are high in protein.   They are high in magnesium which is good for heart and brain health.  Cricket powder is used in protein bars, chips, etc.  Some of the brands that use cricket powder are Chapul and Exo protein bars.  There are Chirps (snack chips).  Cricket protein is used in shakes, pizza and bread dough and other items.  HyVee and other stores that have healthy organic sections in their stores have cricket powder products.   It tales 1200-1300 crickets to get 1 lb. of cricket powder.  Becky said a whole harvest of crickets only generates 14 pounds of cricket powder.   

ssful event. 


Club Notes:


Thank you Jim for facilitating this past weeks meeting.  Also, thank you to Penny for facilitating this weeks meeting.  Be nice everyone, its her first time!!!!


We are winding down our year. Thanks you all of you for making this a successful one.  As you know it was a year of transition. We transitioned Denny McGiverns roles into many smaller ones and we said goodbye to the pancake breakfast and introduced new fundraisers.  The focus is to raise money from outside the club. I believe we are accomplishing that goal with the BluesFest AND the BIG DROP. Having all of your 'buy in' and participation is critical and I thank you for making this easy.   We are difference makers!!!



District Level Announcements:  




Rotary International announcement:


Toronto International Rotary Convention:  June 23-27, 2018.  


RI Conference Information at www.riconvention.org/en




Fundraiser Update:


Please mark your calendars for August 11th. This is when we will assist at the beverage tent at the Blues Fest in Czech village. West Rotary will benefit to the tune of 1/3 of the sales. Last year we raised nearly $2000 for our club.  It is also a great opportunity for fellowship. 


Update on THE BIG DROP.   Thank you to John Thornton and Jim and Sharon Coller for taking the first shift at the Kernels game Friday night and getting our cash sales initiated.   My wife Amy and I took the second shift.   Thanks to Janette for procuring our vinyl banner. 


Our next scheduled day is Thursday June 21.   Jane and Dave M have first shift.  Matt T and Dennis Green have second shift.


Also, our online sales are live and as of Friday we were at $250.   Please continue to send people to our website or sell tickets via cash.   



Board Notes:



Our next Board meeting is July 12th at 4;15 at Tallgrass Business Resources. 




Monthly Networking:


Stay tuned for where and when we will be in July




Next weeks program:


  Barb Tupper, Coe College
  The Center for Creativity and Careers is a new initiative at Coe College that helps prepare students to enter the work force, through networking, internships and connections with Coe alumni and friends, as well as the greater business community. Director Barb Tupper will tell us about this new unique service. Dennis Green will make the introductions.




Tom Vander Vaart

President - Cedar Rapids West Rotary 

Rotary - Making a difference in our community and the world.

















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