Cedar Rapids West Rotary is working with a Rotary District 9100 club in Ghana, in western Africa, to provide clean drinking water for 10,000 people in southeastern Ghana.  Click here to read the latest about the Ghana project.  John Mack of West Rotary recently traveled to Ghana to help assess and plan for Cedar Rapids West Rotary help.  To help, press Donate below to make a contribution.



John Mack with Rotarians in Ghana

Map of Ghana
























Below are the faces of the children that will be provided clean water by this project.

Hopeful children in Ghanan village


Today's water supply is filled with parasites and is a threat to everyone's health  

Today's unclean water supplies



This is a very  good start. Additional details should be addressed together. They have several wells for the several thousand people, but they are inadaquate.  I watched a long line of women  wait for water since the level was so low, only so many pans could be filled at a time.



Waiting for water from the only clean water supply


John brought some sports supplies for the children in Ghana.

John brought needed supplies for the villages